The Best Beard Oils in 2021

Best Beard Oils 2021 bald and bearded

Your beard and the skin underneath need just as much tender, love and care as the rest of your body. Beard oils are essential (pardon the pun) for taming hair and keeping it looking and feeling it’s best. Whilst growing a beard can be hard for some, maintaining it can be easy as pie (eating, […]

The Norwood Scale – 7 Stages of Hair Loss

the hamilton-norwood scale seven signs of hair loss

If you’re noticing some thinning patches of hair or that your forehead seems to be getting larger every month, you may need to seek the Norwood Scale for some guidance on your hair loss journey. The Norwood Scale originated in the 1950’s by someone called Hamilton but then was redefined in the 70’s by Norwood […]

Best Hair Shavers for Bald Men 2021

best electric shavers for men 2021

Receding hairlines are the bane of most men, and for most men, shaving their head bald is the most sound option. This isn’t really surprising. Statistics from the American Hair Loss Association revealed that 66% of men start experiencing hair loss upon reaching 35.  Although there can be several ways to address this hair loss […]

What is DHT? Everything You Need To Know


Dihydrotestosterone or DHT is an androgen (male) sex hormone that is considered one of the main contributing factors to male pattern baldness (MPB). When reading articles about hair loss or MPB (or androgenetic alopecia) you will notice DHT comes up a fair bit, so if you’re currently on a hair loss journey or just curious, […]

What Causes Hair Loss & Male Pattern Baldness

what can you do when you're going bald

The science surrounding mens hair loss is something we have only – kind of – been able to figure out in the past century. Unfortunately it’s far too complex to be 100% predicted or understood, but there has been extensive research into what causes hair loss. Anatomist James B. Hamilton was the first to link […]

Balding & Thinning at The Crown

Balding and Thinning at Crown

Noticing areas of thinner or depleting hair around the crown (or vertex) of your head can often be the first sign of male pattern baldness (MPB). Unfortunately balding and thinning at the crown can be a delayed realisation due to the fact that it is on the back of your head and therefor, hard to […]

Cowlick or Balding

Cowlick or Balding Crown

So you’ve noticed a patch of hair that doesn’t quite look right and you’re not sure whether it’s a cowlick or balding? We’re here to help you tell them apart and explain the major differences. What is the difference between cowlicks and bald patches? There are many different ways to tell if you’re going bald. […]

Bald Celebrities with Beards


Up to 85% of the male population will experience hair loss in their lifetime, and celebrities are not excused from this equation. A lot of bald celebrities – with the help of their expensive stylists I’m sure – style their bald head really well, often pairing it with a beard or facial hair. Let’s take […]

Bald & Bearded Fashion & Style Trends

fashion styles for bald men with beards

There are many ways you can style a bald head and beard for different occasions or even seasons. You may have asked the question; Should I dress differently when I’m bald? Taking this into consideration is important but so is dressing to suit your environment. Let’s take a look at some of the main categories […]

Beard Style Inspiration for Bald Guys

beard style inspo for bald guys

It’s 2021 and beards are more popular than ever! Women love them, they keep your chin warm in the cooler months and above all else, you can tailor the look to match your fashion sense and style. Thankfully, being bald gives us that little advantage as we can go all out without looking like Chewbacca […]