What Sunglasses Look Good On Bald Guys


Are you wondering the best sunglasses shape for a bald head? There are many different looks and designer sunglasses, so it can be quite tricky for a bald man to decide on a specific pair or a particular style of sunglasses that will look good on them and their bald head. This is even more difficult if perhaps you’ve just joined the The Bald Company crew and still working through the details of your new look. We’ll rest easy, because in this guide we cover everything you need to know to pick the perfect set and ensure you’re always feeling stylish and confident.

The Effects a Bald Head May Have

When you first transition to being a bald winner, your facial proportions may feel like they’ve changed.  Your face may look completely different. In fact you may even start questioning the proportionality of your nose, mouth, and eyes. Bald men have a face that is easy to distinguish; this makes it easier to make the decision of glass frames than for those people who have hair.

When All Else Fails

If you are still unsure about the shape of your bald head, then the default and safest option is always to start with sunglasses that have huge lenses. The reason behind this is that with current trends, these are the sort of sunglasses that match with a lot of people. Here, the complexion, style choice, and the shape of your face does not matter as much.

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