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The Bald Company is built on a very powerful premise. It is a premise that goes against everything the world has taught you to feel about losing your hair. The premise is:

Losing your hair is the best thing that has ever happened to you.

People’s natural instinct when they hear that premise is to laugh or express their disbelief. We know this, because there was a time when we would have laughed. That is until we learnt how to make it possible and focused on teaching people exactly that.

We are dedicated to destroying the multi-billion dollar hair loss industry. Why? Because it’s a SCAM. Popular culture and this industry of miracle cures push against the idea of losing your hair being a good thing. That’s why everyone’s natural instinct when they start to lose their hair is one of fear. Fear and denial – regardless of your age or stage in life – then combine in a way that makes people feel desperate and worthless.

At The Bald Company, we all remember the fear. We also remember the insecurity, anxiety and depression that comes with trying to prevent the people you know from noticing that you’re going bald. This fear controlled our lives for too long, until we realized that this fear can become our greatest strength. So we developed the perfect solution.

The Bald Company is dedicated to teaching the solution to people all over the world so they can conquer hair loss and focus all of their energy on winning at life.

Let us help you win.

3 Things You Must Know About The Bald Company

As you discover more about The Bald Company you will learn that we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to hair loss. As such, we have very clear philosophies that all company members understand intimately.

There is No Cure

The world is overstocked with people who are willing to prey on desperation and the hair loss prevention industry is no different. There is an infinite list of lotions, potions, treatments and surgeries that present themselves as a cure for hair loss. They simply don’t work and are only effective in wasting your money as you overpay for false hope. Your personal experience with hair loss would have led you to many places that claim to prevent your hair loss or cure your baldness, it may have led you here. The good news is that there is no cure, but there is a solution and you will only find it with us

Bald Loser or Bald Winner

The Bald Company is only made up of bald winners which differ from bald losers because they know how to follow the formula for success. The formula we created. People struggling with hair loss are only held back by themselves and their fears, we inspire people to break out of that cycle and step into the winners circle.

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We are true-believers in people becoming bald winners and we are dedicated to restoring the power balance between hair loss and confidence. At The Bald Company, we beat our chests and own our hair loss and that puts us in the best position to help others. We help people who’ve struggled with every aspect of hair loss to become card-carrying members of The Bald Company as they follow the formula and understand the philosophies. You are not alone in losing your hair and together we can stare into the eyes of the dragon that is hair loss.

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