Bald & Bearded Fashion & Style Trends

fashion styles for bald men with beards

There are many ways you can style a bald head and beard for different occasions or even seasons. You may have asked the question; Should I dress differently when I’m bald? Taking this into consideration is important but so is dressing to suit your environment.

Let’s take a look at some of the main categories of bald and bearded fashion styles and show some of our favourite or most common looks.

Corporate Style/Formal Bald & Bearded

When you want to look your best in a suit whether that be for work purposes, wedding or any formal event, look to these styles.

office look for bald guys
beard style inspo for bald guys
fashion styles for bald men with beards

Beard & Bald Casual Style

Everyone has their own unique casual styles, but there are some looks that look particularly well with a bald head and beard.

bald guy with a beard dressed casually
what is dht and link to baldness
relaxed fashion look for bald guy and beard
mens advice will I go bald

Smart Casual Bald & Bearded

Slap the first two together and you’ve got a category where a lot of scenarios require this exact style. Here are some ideas.

fashion balding men
bald guy with stubble fashion

Vacation Style / On Holiday Shaved Head

I think we can all agree that people on holiday just dress different. Whether it’s the tacky Hawaiin shirt, bold colour choices, super casual beach wear or themed outfits to match your destination, there’s just a whole different look when you’re on vacay.

bearded and bald guy stuck in the rain
bald man with a beard on vacation in Hawaii
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chilled out guy on vacation bald beard
bald man on holiday in casual dress

Bald & Bearded Quirky Style

Some people are just born to stand out and this can translate from their personality into their fashion sense and appearance. Go bold or go home?

quirky style bald man
bald guy with unique fashion sense
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What category do you fit into or which inspires you the most? Changing up your style can be an exciting way to re-invent yourself and make yourself feel better. Think of it like a makeover that you can give yourself every day.

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Making the jump to a shaved or razor-sharp bald head is a big move, so getting an idea about how you would look bald is a great first step.