Cowlick or Balding

Cowlick or Balding Crown

So you’ve noticed a patch of hair that doesn’t quite look right and you’re not sure whether it’s a cowlick or balding? We’re here to help you tell them apart and explain the major differences. What is the difference between cowlicks and bald patches? There are many different ways to tell if you’re going bald. […]

Why You Should Be Using Beard Oil

should I use beard oil

Growing a beard is one of the best decisions any bald man can make. But with great features comes great responsibility and beard oil will keep your beard in the best shape. Whether it’s a Stubble like Jason Statham, John Travolta’s Corporate Beard, or a Full Goatee like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been sporting […]

Bald Celebrities with Beards


Up to 85% of the male population will experience hair loss in their lifetime, and celebrities are not excused from this equation. A lot of bald celebrities – with the help of their expensive stylists I’m sure – style their bald head really well, often pairing it with a beard or facial hair. Let’s take […]

Beard Style Inspiration for Bald Guys

beard style inspo for bald guys

It’s 2021 and beards are more popular than ever! Women love them, they keep your chin warm in the cooler months and above all else, you can tailor the look to match your fashion sense and style. Thankfully, being bald gives us that little advantage as we can go all out without looking like Chewbacca […]

Best Moisturisers for Bald Heads


Taking care of your skin is extra important when you go bald. To save you time, we’ve compiled a list of our favourites and where to get them.

The Biggest Myths About Hair Loss


Myths about hair loss are about as common as the miracle cure’s that seem to follow them. Well we’re here to seperate truth from fiction.

Attracting Women as a Bald Guy

bald guy, man attracting pretty women, girls,

Chances are going bald wasn’t your choice. Sure, there are some guys who pull it off as a fashion statement. They shave their heads right next to the scalp and rock the glossy bald look as if they were born for it. Then there’s everyone else, counting down the hairs on their head each morning […]