Best Razors For Shaving Your Bald Head


One of the most important tools a guy will ever own is his shaver, and this is especially true for bald men. So making sure you find a good razor can make a lot of difference to the look and feel of your head.

The last thing a bald guy wants is a bumpy, uneven or cut up head from a poor shaving technique or low quality shaver, so here we show you the best technique and best razors you can use on your bald head.

Why Should I Shave My Head?

So you may be noticing some thinning of your hair or a receding hair line and debating whether to take the next step of going completely bald. 

If it’s your first time you may be wondering what you will even look like bald, and we can help you with that.

But whilst you might think giving in to what nature intended could be seen as giving up, it’s actually quite the opposite. It’s standing up and taking your life back. No more worries about how to stop the inevitable with endless research into expensive hair loss treatments and wondering what the ladies will think. You’re putting all those worries behind you, saying ‘let’s do this’ and moving on with your life. There is a hell of a lot more important things you could be focusing your energy on.

Is Shaving Your Head Bald, Good?

As explained above, if you’re noticing you’re going bald it is the number one best thing you could do for yourself.

But there are a lot of stigma’s and myths surrounding hair loss so it’s important to note that there are many reasons you can go bald or choose to shave your head. You may just want to give it a try, it may be for sport, due to illness or to raise money for charity. 


What is The Best Thing To Shave Your Head With?

There are many different tools to choose from but the main two would be clippers or razors.

Clippers are small, mostly electronic machines with a brush like head that cuts the hair as it passes over/through it. This can be a great option but can be best for people with longer hair for things like buzz cuts.

Shaving with a razor means you can get closer to the scalp for a cleaner look. Using shaving cream also leaves your skin feeling much softer.

How Do I Shave My Head Completely Bald?

Now that you’ve decided to take the leap, lets go through how it’s done.

How To Shave Your Bald Head

  • Say buzz buzz to your longer locks

    Use clippers on the lowest setting and remove the guard to shave off any longer pieces of hair. Use your non-dominant hand to feel around at the back and the base of the neck to make sure you don’t miss a spot. If you do, you could experience pulling on your skin if you try to razor longer bits of hair.

  • Wash your head with soap/shampoo & warm water

    This will get rid of the hair clippings and also soften your head, open up your pores and relax the skin.

  • Lather your head with oil

    The oil hydrates and softens the skin but also acts as a protective layer against the razor. This could stop irritation which creates bumps for a smoother end result.

  • Choose your razor

    See below for our recommendations.

  • Apply shaving cream

    Spread an even layer across your whole head. You can also use gels and other creams if you don’t have shaving cream.

  • Shave from the top going WITH the direction of your hair

    Start at the crown in the middle of your head and shave downwards. Going with the grain of your hair will mean there is less risk of ingrown hairs and bumps. Don’t apply too much pressure and go slowly then rinse the blade every few strokes. Once you think you’re done, rinse with warm water and then check in the mirror to see how you went. If you missed any spots, lather up and do it again. For the absolute closest shave, after your second rinse, apply oil and shaving cream again and this time shave against the grain of hair. Beware this could irritate the skin a little though.

  • Rinse head with cold water

    This closes your pores and will soothe the skin.

  • Apply a moisturiser

    In the form of a lotion, balm or oil-based moisturiser. Try finding a product with antibacterial properties like tea tree oil and something that will help with irritation and redness. Lather up and enjoy your shiny new do.

See our guide on the best moisturisers and oils.

Our Pick of The Best Razors For Shaving Your Head

Gillette Mach 3 &
Mach 3 Turbo

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Gillette have been around for over a century and they consistently rank as the best male razors.

This razor in particular has sharp, interchangeable blades and it handles really well with a skin guard for protection.

It’s also a fairly affordable price. You can get the Mach3 Turbo option


Harry’s Truman Razor System

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Often voted as the best 5 blade razor around, it’s German engineered which explains it’s sleek and comfortabe-to-hold design. Harry’s is fairly new brand that rose to popularity thanks to their shave club, where people brought subscriptions for monthly deliveries.

The Truman Shaving Kit is a bargain at only $15 for the razor, extra blades and shaving cream.


Bevel Safety Razor

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The best option for those with sensitive skin. This razor minimises  in grown hairs and tugging by shaving on the skins surface. With its single blade technology and solid textured grip, it’s sleek but may take some getting used to for first timers.. 

It’s a little on the pricier side but you can get the Shave Kit with a heap of extras like shaving cream, oil, balm & brush for a good price. 


Schik Xtreme 3 Sensitive Disposables

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If you prefer disposable’s then these have been crowned the best disposable razors for men.

They have a triple blade and flexible movement means it will curve with your head and not nick any skin on its way. It’s also great because it won’t upset sensitive skin types.

Self Help Tools

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Making the jump to a shaved or razor-sharp bald head is a big move, so getting an idea about how you would look bald is a great first step.