Signs of Balding at 20

young guy worried about hair loss

So – you’re somewhere in your 20s, and your hair (or at least losing it) is the last thing you normally think about. But then… something happens.  Maybe your best friend is going bald. Maybe your comb looks like it’s grown fur after every time you’ve used it. Maybe you’re noticing bald spots on your […]

Best Hair Shavers for Bald Men 2021

best electric shavers for men 2021

Receding hairlines are the bane of most men, and for most men, shaving their head bald is the most sound option. This isn’t really surprising. Statistics from the American Hair Loss Association revealed that 66% of men start experiencing hair loss upon reaching 35.  Although there can be several ways to address this hair loss […]

What is DHT? Everything You Need To Know


Dihydrotestosterone or DHT is an androgen (male) sex hormone that is considered one of the main contributing factors to male pattern baldness (MPB). When reading articles about hair loss or MPB (or androgenetic alopecia) you will notice DHT comes up a fair bit, so if you’re currently on a hair loss journey or just curious, […]

Will I Go Bald?

mens advice will I go bald

So – you’ve met with a friend for the first time in a while and were shocked to see his receding hairline and thinning hair?  And now you’re wondering if you’re actually in the same boat, and simply have not noticed because you see yourself every day?  Chances are you’re affected. More on those chances […]

Recapturing Your Bald Guy Mojo in 2021

what was I worried about being bald?

Confidence down? Feeling unattractive and unlovable? You’re right, you’re the problem. The good news is, you’re also the solution. Being attractive, confident and ‘the kind of person others like to be around’ takes some effort. No one is born that way, it’s a choice – no – a series of choices made consistently every day […]

Cowlick or Balding

Cowlick or Balding Crown

So you’ve noticed a patch of hair that doesn’t quite look right and you’re not sure whether it’s a cowlick or balding? We’re here to help you tell them apart and explain the major differences. What is the difference between cowlicks and bald patches? There are many different ways to tell if you’re going bald. […]

The Biggest Myths About Hair Loss


Myths about hair loss are about as common as the miracle cure’s that seem to follow them. Well we’re here to seperate truth from fiction.