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The Dangers of Wearing a Hat to Hide Hair Loss

Hiding Hair Loss With Hat

At what point does hat-wearing become a lie? When you’re balding, rocking your favorite fedora can change your fashion-status from cool to cowardly. Because no matter how convincingly you justify your style choice, your hat becomes more about hiding than showing. Even if you truly do love that toque or beanie, there’s no dodging the reality that it’s masking the real you. And so, all you handsome hair-receders, let’s talk about the dangers of wearing a hat.

While there are a few occasions when your hat is acceptable, it’s suspicious for the majority of situations. Fortunately, The Bald Company helps you fix the root of the problem: confidence growth.

Scenario 1 – You’re hiding your hair loss

Is your hat your best wingman? Then you need to get a stronger game. Attractiveness comes from self-belief, not by investing your looks in an external accessory.  

When you attach your confidence to an external force, you create a crutch in order to feel comfortable with your appearance. But hats are just material; they’re not fused to your identity. Your sense of self must be strong, apart from your little sidekick. True security can only come from within.

You’re only cheating yourself

Think of your relationship to your balding head as a marriage. Your hat, in this case, would be your mistress– an escape from your unhappy marriage to your head. This lame hat affair only deludes you into a false sense of security, when in reality, you’re betraying your own integrity and essentially, rejecting yourself.

Your relationship with yourself takes work. Like any long-term relationship,  it can only survive with love, care and respect. Accepting your baldness is a vital part of this journey. That being said, let’s explore how to own it.

Scenario 2 – You own it

Men don’t need ego-booting sidekicks. Do you ever see Bruce Willis or Samuel.L Jackson slumping around in a toque? Never. They own their looks with pride and pure sincerity.

A bald guy who has positive energy and loves himself (humbly) is miles more attractive than the man-boy who fakes his confidence by fusing his head to a security blanket. Tricks are for kids, folks.

When is it ok to wear a hat?

There’s a difference wearing a hat as a fashion statement and wearing a crutch for your self-esteem. Here’s where we distinguish between two types of hat-wearing: the kind that’s honest and dishonest.

Honest hat-wearing

When it’s honest, you’re wearing a hat among people who already know the real you. Usually, the setting should be sports games, patios, trips or low-key get-togethers. These would be places where your hat is an accessory for self-expression– not for hiding.

Dishonest hat-wearing

The most common form of dishonest hat-wearing is “hatfishing” for dates. As Jason Chen at The Cut explains, hatfishing is similar to catfishing, except it’s when a guy always wears a hat in all his online dating photos to hide his hair loss.

Nobody is thinking about your hair loss

You’re already preparing yourself with the assumption you’ll be rejected. And with that self-loathing attitude, you probably will be. The turnoff is not your beautiful bald head, it’s the weakness of failing to accept yourself.

The problem is that your hat dependency is an advertisement for your insecurity. You’re basically saying, “I’m uncomfortable with my appearance, so I’m hoping there’s a higher chance of you accepting me if I cover my shame.” Does this sound attractive to you? A thousand-times NOT.

Other times you shouldn’t wear a hat are among large crowds who dot know you. It sets the precedence that you’re hiding your head among strangers. These places would be parties, restaurant or public events. It’s important to be more authentic among large crowd, setting a standard of self-acceptance.

Why you must overcome your hair loss fear

When you attach your confidence to an external object, you’re no longer in-control of your self-perception. You’re at the mercy of that material accessory. Each time you rely on the hat to feel good, you’re training your brain to believe you’re weaker without it.

Overcome your addiction

This flawed way of thinking is the same reason people think liquid courage makes them funnier or more charming. But even without alcohol as his aid, he’d be  same attractive, fun-loving guy regardless. He just needs to overcome his inhibitions.

Same idea with your hat– you must overcome the lie that a hat makes you more attractive. And on a deeper level, you must overcome your fear of hair loss, literally, by shaving it off. No hiding, no lying– just be authentic.

Your head is meant to be seen. Men who lose the hat separate the sheeps from the bulldogs—the bald winners from the bald losers. Only by shaving off your hair and losing the hat can you genuinely be a bald winner. Every man who joins The Company knows the power of losing to win.

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