Do Women Like Bald Guys?

Do Women Like Bald Guys?

If you’re a bald man who’s ever uttered the words, “she’s out of my league”, you’re right. You can’t win a woman from the cream of the litter if you think you’re unworthy. Do you believe women like bald guys?

With the right belief, you’ll realize that being attractive to a woman is purely psychological. It’s the exact reason why Jennifer Lopez has a less-than-average-looking husband and why Adriana Lima used to date a skinny science nerd. What do these men have in common? It’s self-belief. That’s really it and every Bald Winner knows this.

So, here’s the short answer to your question: yes, women dig bald guys. Read on to learn how to be one of them.

The “Losing to Win” mindset

Men who fear their baldness aren’t sexy. That being said, here are the two rules: one, lose your hair and be a winner or two, grow your insecurities and be a loser.

What many guys fail to realize is that being attractive is all about your mindset. If you believe you’re great, that positive energy filters into reality and influences how women perceive you. It’s the law of attraction.

Having status, stealth and sexual ardor is a mindset. Without this desirable force, women will deny you, even if you’ve got the lush hairline of a pubescent model.

The exception…

Not all women are bright. That being said, there will always be a few shallow halfwits who care about a dude’s hair. But generally, these “women” are just young, ignorant girls with the emotional depth of an emoji— and would rather be a footstool to Justin Bieber than risk letting a man see her emptiness.

It’s harsh but true, fellas. These girls are insecure and unworthy of your effort. Real, beautiful women (those with integrity) know the value of a real man— whether he’s bald and not. So as part of our “Losing to Win” mindset, we’ll happily lose the girls who’re unworthy of our baldness.

Perceived vs. objective attractiveness

Women tend to be more attracted to perceived handsomeness. This image is how you act in motion, allowing women to experience your attitude, charm and overall vibe. It’s much more powerful than objective handsomeness, which is your outer appearance.

Objective handsomeness is not enough to produce genuine, long-lasting attraction. Women must perceive your deeper desirability, something that comes from experiencing the awesomeness of your body language, voice and eye contact.

The bald sexy mindset

Women like bald guys who know they’re sexy— be it physically, emotionally or spiritually— or all of the above. Put it this way: which guy do you think is more desirable: the sap who whines about his Hair Club sending the wrong paste, or the bald yet dashing gent who draws in women craving to pet his head? It’s no contest; the bald eagle wins.

Men who confidently own their baldness are miles more attractive than men, oozing with thick hair, who fuss about which way the wind blows their perfectly-crafted quiff. If you rock it with pride and a thigh-opening cologne, you’ve got it made.

All men go bald

Mature women know that all men, eventually, lose their hair. Ultimately, it’s your self-acceptance that determines whether a woman will accept you. Consider the reverse scenario: would you find it attractive if some insecure chick kept fussing over her extensions? You wouldn’t.

Besides, what’s so special about rocking a hairdo that can also be worn by an androgynous girl? We’re looking at you Miley Cyrus. So no, having hair doesn’t make you attractive. At The Bald Company, we know best. We know that women like bald guys.

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