Should I Dress Differently When I’m Bald?

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Should I Dress Differently When I'm Bald

Whether you’re bald at twenty or fifty-something, you should always follow the most critical styling rule: dress for your age. Some guys chase youth by overdoing the sportswear, while others underplay their age with grandpa’s vintage. We get it; dressing as a bald guy can be tricky. Let’s make it simple. We’ll review some clever styling tricks to sharpen your look.

Be color-wise 

Contrasting colors

Your skin tone needs to pop — yes, even that lovely bald head. Always choose a contrasting shirt color that compliments your skin.

Lighter complexions look betters with darker shirts, while those with darker skin should go for lighter tones. If you’re a newbie to color theory, let’s learn the first basic rule. Chapter 1: opposite colors draw attention to each other. 

Wearing a shirt color that contrasts your skin tone brings more focus to your facial features. In turn, your baldness plays second to your eyes and smile. 

Avoid brown shirts

Brown is usually off limits when you’re bald. Since you’ve got more flesh to show, you should avoid colors that resemble skin — it’ll look too blended. 

This rule leads us to color theory chapter 2: brown belongs to the flesh-tone family. So avoid any brown hues that are close to your skin color. 

Watch your necklines

Necklines can either enhance or minimize the illusion of stature. To compliment a bald look, focus on necklines that enhance your natural  build.

Avoid loose necklines

Based on the rules of optics, loose or round necklines create a softer look. Bad news for a bald head.

Since circular shapes compliment the curvature of your head, they reduce the structure of your appearance. Instead, focus on the neckline styles below.


Necklines with sharper angles give the appearance of strength and masculinity. 

V-necks are a great choice as they contrast the roundness of your head. By creating a flattering point of focus, they frame that glorious cranium, creating the impression of stature. 

Pointed shirt collars also give this effect.

Sharp lapels 

A sharp tailored lapel is makes a strong statement. These sleek angles help create a more interesting point of focus between your shoulders, breaking up the roundness on top. 

Try choosing blazers and suit jackets with peak lapels. This design is bolder and dressier than notch lapels and tends to carry a little more gusto. Although they’re pricier, remember that you’re investing in the long-term value of feeling awesome, both inside and out.


Turtlenecks are another way to compliment your look. They create the impression of prestige by token of their height. 

Think about it this way: picture an egg stand; it acts as a pedestal to elevate the egg. Just like the turtle neck, it creates a mount to frame your head. 

It’s all about creating an illusion. 

Personalize your accessories

When hair isn’t your main accessory, you need to get creative. Add-ons like bracelets, glasses or scarves give your style more eye-catching visuals. However, we don’t usually recommend any headwear — see our guide on the dangers of wearing a hat. 

If you tend to rock necklaces, stick to the rule of sharp lines. Choose designs that feature pendants with pointy corners like a knight’s cross or shark tooth. 

For those with funkier style, a flashy accent piece is a plus. But don’t go overboard; you don’t want to look like a blinged-out Lex Luther. 

Be pattern-savvy

Tailoring your pattern choices will suit you better. Bold patterns like pinstripes, tribal or checks can appear strong, while polka dots or a washed-out tartan carry less punch. Other flattering patterns include houndstooth, brocade, and gingham. 

Army patterns are questionable — you might resemble a military man. But if you enjoyed Jason Statham’s‘ role in Killer Elite, all the power to you. 

The way you dress says a lot about your status, success and style. When done well, your attire is your second-best weapon for complimenting your crown. The first best is confidence —  the sexiest outfit you can wear.

To keep more tips in your arsenal, keep up with The Bald Company blog to conquer the brighter side of being bald. 

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