How to Maintain Your Bald Head Like a Pro

How To Maintain Your Bald Head

A handsomely bald head is an asset. It’s like real estate property; if you don’t maintain the grounds, the value goes down– and nobody will buy what your selling. Same deal for the turf on your head: you’ve got to invest in your scalp, keeping it clean, healthy and smooth. And as for the married bunch, being “off the market” is no excuse to let your cranium become a haggard mess of dandruff and stray hairs. 

Personal pride is the core of confidence. Whether you’re single or ball-chained, never give up on your bald beauty. Here’s how to maintain your bald head like a pro.

Get the right gear

The razor

Your head needs the royal treatment. For starters, you need a premium razor, the kind with a flexible neck. This design lets you smoothly glide over the bumps and curves with a minimal risk of cuts. Needless to say, decorating your scalp with blood-dotted pieces of toilet paper means two things: you’re rushing or using a dull blade (or both).


You must always work with fresh blades. An obvious point, you might say, but then again, don’t pretend you’ve never tried stretching the lifespan of a blade. You might think it’s cost-effective– just not for your cleanliness. 

No matter what, never use a razor past ten shaves. First reason is because the blades get dull, which increases your risk of cuts. Second reason is because the blades collect dead skin, hair and sebum, creating a germ-infested quagmire of grossness. 

If you don’t change your blades often enough, you’ll transfer bacteria and fungus onto your scalp, leading to bumps, irritation and redness. Ever seen those bald guys scratching their heads all the time? Ya, that’s why…

Use a hydrating pre-shave oil and shaving cream 

Shaving is tough on your skin. That’s why you must first prep your scalp with a hydrating pre-shave oil to soften the hairs and skin. 

If you start with shaving cream straight away, your canvas won’t be fully primed for shaving. The pre-shave oil offers an extra layer of protection, nourishing your follicles, skin and hair on a deeper level. This precaution means less friction to avoid cuts and inflammation.

Afterwards, you’ll apply a hydrating shaving cream. Make sure to massage carefully, letting the suds soak into your pores and create a hydrating lather. Once you begin shaving (which we’ll discuss in detail shortly), make sure to rinse the blade after every scrape to remove all the hairs, oil and residue. This way, each glide is a clean start. You’ll sheer off the maximum amount of hair for a nicely polished surface. 

Shaving technique 

Now, let’s talk about shaving technique. Many factors can influence the effectiveness of your shave. Let’s start with direction. 

Direction and timing

We always shave from front to back. The logic here is that your front hairs are thinner, so they’ll slaw off more easily, while your back hairs are coarser, so they need more time to soften in shaving cream. By the time you’re ready to start shaving the back, the hairs will be ready. This approach creates less tug on your hair follicle to prevent razor burn. 

The art

Make sure to shave in neat, even rows, applying a steady medium pressure with each stroke. The idea is to be firm enough to get a smooth finish, but not too abrasive, and risk ruining it all– similar to how we approach women, actually. We seduce with a gentle confidence, not a rushed, clumsy desperation. Same with your shave, don’t rush the moment. Great head comes to those who wait!

A one-shot deal

Never shave over the same spot twice. It’ll increase your chances of scalp injury or irritation. So think of every stoke as a one-shot deal.

When you reach the back of your head, pay extra caution. The hair direction changes here, but you must still glide the razor in the same direction as your hair growth. Otherwise, if you go against the grain, you may be left with abrasions and rashes. 

Try getting somebody to guide you when it’s the first time. Why not your spotter from the gym? He’ll coach you on the direction to shave, keeping you focused with his familiar, positive energy. Or go solo and take some pictures to see how your hairs flow.

The grand finish!

Now, we’re in the homestretch, boys. Once your done, finish with aftershave oil. It’ll soothe and hydrate your scalp, which will have gone through quite the scuffle. 

This step is especially important if your skin is sensitive. The oil contains anti-inflammatory ingredients to keep your head looking healthy.

As you can see, there’s no such thing as a low-maintenance bald head. Shortcuts will never do you justice. Do yourself proud, as with every gent at The Bald Company, and make every shave a winner.

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Making the jump to a shaved or razor-sharp bald head is a big move, so getting an idea about how you would look bald is a great first step.