Use This Mindset to Erase Your Fears of Balding Forever

Erase Your Fear of Hair Loss & Balding

We’ve all got a destiny. So does our hair– genetically speaking. So when your DNA omens forecast a bright, bald future, then embrace it, lads. After all, there’s no amount of praying, fantasizing, vitamin-popping, voodoo or sorcery that’ll prevent the outcome — not even if you entered a black hole, like in that Interstellar movie, and entered the fifth dimension of time and space. And you should NEVER want to try any of the above!

Try this empowering mindset to erase your fears of balding forever.

Your future is bright

Men who embrace the path to baldness have better lives. They’re the ones who’ve got that sexy self-acceptance thing, a rare confidence that fills the air like a scent– and every woman craves it. Seriously, it’s science.

No matter what, bald or not, guys who are charismatic and self-motivated are intoxicating to women. But the self-doubting guy who reeks of shame and rejects his baldness, dousing his head in growth serums, won’t evoke that wowness.

Denial sufferers and hair-chasers just breed insecurity– one that only exists in their mind. And as that insecurity grows and festers, it manifests into a reality. So you see, your mind can be your greatest weakness or your greatest strength. Which will you choose?

The “Losing to Win” Mindset

If you avoid, deny or delay your bald sexiness, will you ever be truly sexy? What many guys fail to realize is that feeling like a stud is all about your mindset.

Without the empowering force of self-acceptance, your appeal shrinks even if your hair hasn’t.  All that effort spent preserving and nursing your fuzz is creating desperate, self-rejecting energy– not sex appeal! Subconsciously, you’re training your mind to reject yourself and your identity, instead of nurturing it. So why struggle to grow your hair when you can lose it to win?

Lose hair–win confidence!

Let your hair go; it’s your confidence that needs growth. Just look at legends like Jason Statham, Bruce Willis and John Travolta–all bald and beaming with moxie and charm.

Or what about celebrities who are thinning and proud? Jude Law and Vince Vaughn are oozing with stud power– they can smoothly beckon the hottest lady from across the room, simply by a cool “come-here” motion. And quite frankly, you don’t need to be a celebrity to do it. You just need the mindset: losing to win.

Insecurity is an invention of the mind

Insecurity comes from your perceived shortcomings. Made worse by the media, your mind is infected with the virus of stereotypes.

All those GQ cover models, shampoo commercial actors or those selfie-addicts on Instagram are endorsing the world’s shallowest lie: bald is bad. By enforcing this lie, you’re convinced that having thick, flowy locks, like that weirdo from Twilight, somehow makes you a better man.

Here’s the truth: hair-loss is a multi-billion dollar industry that scams us into fearing our fate. But all men get thin hair. Most men will bald eventually. These brands are just selling insecurities– not solutions.

Everytime you buy that pill or serum, what you’re really saying is: “Yes, I would like to buy a fresh batch of insecurities, please. Here’s a fat wad of cash for making me hate myself and my beautiful bald head.” Sounds ridiculous, right? It should. The real solution is simple: it’s self-acceptance.

Baldness is bold and beautiful. Any negative associations with balding is just an insecurity in your mind. So instead of struggling to grow more hair, grow some balls instead, and shave your head! Then, never look back because you’re awesome!

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