Are Hair Loss Solutions a Scam?

10 Secrets the Hair Loss Companies Don’t Want You to Know

Hair loss solutions are one of the world’s greatest farces — along with other multi-billion-dollar gimmicks like pore strips, the ab shaker and those dodgy supplements that claim to grow you know what . All these scams have one thing incommon: they’re corrupt AF (to put it mildly). But hair loss companies are the real kingpin of bogus. Here’s the truth: the issue of hair loss and the havoc it can create in someone’s life is fixable, but NOT with the help of growth serums, hair pieces, sprays or pills.

Get ready to here what is really is going on when hair loss companies are selling to you. This is everything they don’t want you to know about.

1. You’re being sold on insecurityYou're being sold on insecurity

Hair loss companies are just selling insecurities – not solutions. They bank on your fear of being bald. When in reality, the freedom of shaving your head, going fully bald, is the true cure to a thinning hairline. 

So the only problem that exists is your way of thinking. The hair loss companies fuel your negative self-perception by manipulating you through the media. Together, they act as a twisted Joker and Harlequin team, brainwashing you into fearing baldness.  

2. A bare head looks better than sproutsA bare head looks better than sprouts

A clean, bald head is a symbol of pride and self-acceptance. But on the opposing side, there’s that awkward midway stage where you’re saving every last sprout. Not sexy. Just ask yourself what this image says to you? Desperate? In denial?

The confidence of a completely bald head is WAY more attractive than the loser mindset of collecting thinning hair.  In fact, this view is supported by research.  Based on studies in Psychological and Personality Science, researchers found that bald men were rated as being more attractive than men with thinning hair. 

Think about it…

3. Struggling to grow hair causes more stressStruggling to grow hair causes more stress

Stressing about hair loss is a downward spiral to more loss. The tragic joke is that the hair loss companies want you to believe they’re your saviour in all this misery. However, they’re only feeding your inner demon, a confidence-sucking leech that whispers, “grow more hair or feel ugly.” 

Don’t be deceived.  Free yourself from the stress. Shave your head.

4. You’re killing your confidence

You're killing your confidence

The fear of balding is a nasty sickness of the mind. You’re addicted to the mission of growing hair, fooled by the illusion that more hair grows more self-esteem

This view is backwards. Through your endless and pointless journey toward hair growth, you’re abandoning your confidence by chasing a mirage or fantasy image. It’s similar to the way some women dip their faces in makeup to hide their insecurities. All that effort spent on inventing a “better image” weakens your self-esteem, replacing it with self-rejection. 

The best way to love and empower yourself is with a gloriously shaven, bald head.

5. You’re battling your image – not growing it

You're battling your image - not growing it

A strong identity can’t be bought.  But like a drug dealer, hair loss companies keep you addicted to chasing a flawed goal. They’re training you to reject your identity, rather than embracing it with a pure bald head.

You should be investing all your passion and effort into nurturing the most authentic version of yourself– no hocus-pocus remedies or serums needed. 

6. You’re wasting your money

Hair Loss Scam Wasting Money

Why open your wallet to be a desperate showpony? Behind these hair loss companies, you’ve got uber-rich CEOs, laughing in their leather chairs at the sad schmucks craving more hair, when most often, these billionaires are the smart ones embracing their bald heads. 

Just look at the world’s most powerful bald men and you’ll quickly realize, they’re successful for a reason. Only losers buy hair growth solutions. While you’re paying to be a sore loser, the multi-billion-dollar companies are winning. 

Don’t let them drain your cash. Keep your dignity. 

7. You’re being a follower – NOT a leader

Hair loss scam followers

Hair collectors are trend followers. You’re lost in an empty and endless search for acceptance in a shallow world. 

Yet, the only way to succeed is to make your own rules. Just as our beloved Khaleesi once said, “I’m not going to stop the wheel, I’m going to break the wheel.” Be the bold trendsetter who masters his fear and wins the Game Of Life. 

Be the kind of leader who inspires greatness. Be the self-loving guy who goes full-on bald. 

8. Battling hair loss isn’t natural

Hair loss scam not natural

Avoiding baldness is like telling yourself to stop being a man. It’s not natural. According to the American Hair Loss Association, about two-thirds of men experience hair loss. So instead of bending over backwards to battle your DNA, change your perverse way of thinking. 

The REAL solution is to accept our biology and conquer baldness with the swift help of a razor

9. You’re being brainwashed


Avoiding baldness is a fool’s mission. If the media claimed that having long, saggy gonads were abnormal, would you drive yourself mad, spending every penny on pulling up your berries? Well, the struggle to grow hair is equally moronic.

The hair loss companies say we should strive for full, flowing hair like Thor. No, thank you. Leave the miracles in the fantasy world. Or stay brainwashed by the lie that having more hair makes you more desirable

10. Joining The Company is only real key to happiness


Imagine a life where your days aren’t poisoned by worry and fear. All that hopeless pill-popping and bitter hairline inspections keep you locked in a state of unhappiness.

When you shave off the negativity and humiliation, you’re flushing away the weight of your insecurities down the toilet. And as those flakes spiral down the pipes, your ego will be resurrected, more invincible than ever. 

The hair loss companies will never admit these secrets. They depend on our insecurities and weaknesses to succeed. That’s why it’s up to us, the team from The Bald Company, to know better. Quit the charade with us. Join the thousands of men who’ve rekindled their identity and becoming a bald winner.

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