The Top 10 – Sexiest Bald Men


Proving that less hair does not equal less sex appeal, these celebs are some of the most sought after figures in the world. Their iconic looks have seen them through varying career paths and kept the ladies swooning. If you’re debating whether to shave your balding head, these guys may just give you the push to becoming your ultimate bald self.

No. 10 – Mark Strong

This English actor is best known for his roles in Stardust, Kick-Ass and Sherlock Holmes. Some people also brand him as the “British Stanley Tucci”, which is of course, a compliment in itself. Whilst other bald celebs like to opt for facial hair or even a little stubble, Strong keeps it clean and simple and we must say, it works for him.


No. 9 – Pitbull

You may be forgiven for not recognising this man without his signature aviators, but Pitbull is the ultimate charmer. It’s almost overwhelming, do we prefer his charm or his looks? If we’re factoring in how well he rocks the bald look, then we have to say his looks.


No. 8 – John Travolta

It’s been a while since he played the mischievous Danny Zuko with hair as Grease-y as the title of the film, but his good looks mean he rocks a bald head just as well.


No. 7 – Tyrese Gibson

This star has an impressive list of job titles including singer, songwriter, author, rapper, actor, model, DJ, and screenwriter. Can we add ‘sexy bald guy’ to that list? Yes, yes we can.


No. 6 – Bruce Willis

One of the original poster bald guys in the Hollywood world, Willis has been swooning the ladies for decades with a majority preferring his bare head to when he had hair. He definitely proves that the bald look is timeless and suitable for any age.


No. 5 – Vin Diesel

This action star is a total smoke show – both on and off the screen! The stars was born Mark Sinclair until his mothers new husband adopted him and his fraternal twin brother. Mark Vincent then used a shortened version of Vincent and a joke among his friends that he had so much energy he must run on diesel, and created his bouncer name.


No. 4 – Floyd Mayweather

Luckily, this boxer has never lost a fight so he hasn’t suffered enough bashing to ruin his good looks. His crazy pay checks that he receives per fight also puts him as one of the world’s richest and most successful sport stars. This lucky 42 year old star is already lapping up retirement. If only we all looked that good at our retirement age!

No. 3 –
Jeremy Meeks

Meeks rose to fame after his mug shot went viral with women across the world swooning at his criminally good looks. He was initially jailed for weapon charges but was signed to a modelling agency upon release.

No. 2 –
Jason Statham

Jason Statham shaved his head after his hairline began to recede years ago. A smart and bold move considering that bald head of his scored Victoria Secret and Transformers hottie Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.


No. 1 – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

This years winner, the actor, producer, ex-football player and retired professional wrestler scores the title of Sexiest Bald Man. His style, tan, tattoos and smile all creating a winning combination of sex appeal.


We hope these icons have inspired you to embrace your looks, hair or no hair and maybe they’ve even convinced you to brave the shave yourself.

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Making the jump to a shaved or razor-sharp bald head is a big move, so getting an idea about how you would look bald is a great first step.