The Best Beard Oils in 2021

Best Beard Oils 2021 bald and bearded

Your beard and the skin underneath need just as much tender, love and care as the rest of your body. Beard oils are essential (pardon the pun) for taming hair and keeping it looking and feeling it’s best. Whilst growing a beard can be hard for some, maintaining it can be easy as pie (eating, […]

Why You Should Be Using Beard Oil

should I use beard oil

Growing a beard is one of the best decisions any bald man can make. But with great features comes great responsibility and beard oil will keep your beard in the best shape. Whether it’s a Stubble like Jason Statham, John Travolta’s Corporate Beard, or a Full Goatee like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been sporting […]

Bald Celebrities with Beards


Up to 85% of the male population will experience hair loss in their lifetime, and celebrities are not excused from this equation. A lot of bald celebrities – with the help of their expensive stylists I’m sure – style their bald head really well, often pairing it with a beard or facial hair. Let’s take […]