Chapter 8

Prepare For Take Off

The Bald Company Hero

Congratulations. You’ve decided to join the company. 

It’s a big decision and we hope it’s one you never ever regret. 

We’ve put this episode together to give you the best chance of making a successful transition from balding to bald. 

We’re going to take you through the three steps that, in our experience, make a real difference in how you look, and more importantly, how you feel. 

Step 1. Get your head right. 

Being mentally prepared for your big shave is key. It’s one thing to be told you should do something like shave your stupid balding hair off, it’s another thing to live with the consequences. Here are a few things you can do to help:

Tell a few family members and close friends. Don’t spray it all over social media and tell everyone you see in the preceding week. Just let a few people know who you trust and you know will be supportive. Don’t worry – they’ll be happy for you. And they’ll reinforce that you’ve made the right choice.

Remind yourself why you’re choosing this path and turning your back on denial. If you need to re-read a few of our blogs on the topic, go for it. They will help. Again, it’s all about reinforcing your decision. Remind yourself that this is a positive move. It’s a new beginning. And it’s totally normal to have a few butterflies in your stomach. 

One final important thing you can do to get your head right, is give yourself a preview of the end result. The more you can visualise yourself with a freshly shaved scalp, the better. This is all about taking away the shock factor. There are a number of apps out there that can show you what you look like with no hair. Or if you’ve got photo editing software and you’ve got the skills, you can whip something up yourself. 

Step 2: Now your body

Now your head is prepared, you need to take care of the rest of your body. We’re talking about clothes. Believe it or not, your current wardrobe is going to look different on you once you shave your head – which makes sense when you understand the important role your hair cut and colour plays in what clothes look best on you. 

Once you shave down, it’s all about your individual skin tone and silhouette. Your neck is now a feature. Your shoulders will seem wider. There’s a lot for you to consider but here are some tips that work as a rule of thumb for most bald guys.

Colour-wise, what your wear up top should be the opposite of your skin tone. For example, pale skin with a light top will wash you out. Whereas a darker top will help frame your head like a beautiful portrait. 

Shape-wise, baggy clothes might feel comfortable, but they’re not your friend. Anything that makes your body look bigger will make your head look disproportionately small. 

You’re not trying to hide or conceal any more. So ditch the hats and beanies unless the weather really calls for it.

Using these tips, shout yourself a new outfit to help show off your new look. Even if it’s just a nice t-shirt. You’ll feel great in it and it’ll show. 

Step 3: Time to act

The final step in your preparation is for the deed itself. Your big shave.

Invest in a pair of quality clippers. They might seem expensive if you’ve never purchased them previously, but in reality, they’ll pay for themselves in a few months compared to a couple of trips to the hairdresser. 

Again, everyone is different, so you might prefer a different brand or style to me. Just make sure they’re effective, comfortable and easy to use. 

It’s very easy to miss a spot – especially in your early days – so make sure you’ve got a hand mirror to help you see the back of your head. 

You’ll also want to invest in a good sunscreen that rubs in well, and also a moisturiser. There are products out there that do both jobs if that make life easier for you. Your head is going to be exposed to the elements and it’s well worth your while to protect it. 

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to mark the occasion. Turn it into a party if you like. Or, if you’d like to keep it on the downlow, that’s ok too. It’s your moment. Do it however you see fit. 

So, there you go. We hope this helps you as you make your transition from balding to bald. 

See you next time when we chat to a bunch of bald winners and hear the stories of how they crossed over and found a new lease on life.