10 Ways You Can Hide Your Hair Loss

You’re losing your hair. And you probably think that really sucks. You might even be thinking it’s the worst thing that ever happened to you.

If you’re lucky, it’s happening at a normal age. It doesn’t take away from the sting of hair loss though.

If you’re unlucky, like I was, you’re losing your hair at a young age.

It’s not ideal. But it’s happening. And you’re self-conscious. You’re hoping no one will notice.

And you know what? Your hair doesn’t mean as much as you think.

Still. For the sake of self-confidence, let’s look at 10 ways to hide your hair loss from your judgemental friends, family and all those strangers – whose opinions mean so much to us.

1. Grow Your Hair Out And Hope People Don’t Notice

If you decide to grow your hair out a bit, people might not notice your bald patch. Of course, it depends on how advanced your hair loss is. If you’ve already got a significant bald patch this won’t help all that much.

But growing out your hair is a viable option. If you don’t mind looking like an ageing rockstar, still clinging to the glory days.

If you’re younger, growing out your hair could help prepare you for the second option on our list.

If you’ve ever wanted to grow your hair out, and still want to – give it a shot. I mean, why not? There’s just one question. What’ll you do when the balding advances even further?

2. Rock The Comb-Over

Because no one ever suspects baldness as a reason to rock this ultra modern hair style. So nothing to worry about, right?

Just grow your hair out a little, comb it over your growing bald patch and go about your day.

You’ll need to take a few precautions, however.

You’ll need to dumb some “product” on your head before heading out. I mean, that comb-over will need to be wind-resistant, right? Copious amounts of hair gel will show that wind who’s boss.

Also no swimming – ever. No cycling. You can’t afford to take the risk.

But it’s worth the sacrifice, right? At least no one will suspect a bald patch under that smooth, gelled-down comb-over.

3. Wear A Hat – All The Time

When baldness really starts to take hold, your comb-over might not even help.

In that case, you might need to invest in a good, everyday hat. And you’ve got so much choice. Maybe you can grab one like this:

funny hat for covering up bald head

And wear it all year long. Summer too.

Or you could start a hat collection. That’s always fun. And, in general, men love collecting stuff – right?

There are some drawbacks, however. For one, being considered rude by the majority of the population. It may not be as rude as it used to be, but still…

And then, even on the hottest days, swimming is out of the question. So is walks on the beach on windy days. Or anywhere else for that matter. Unless you get a hat with a chin strap, that is.

Either way, let’s look on the bright side. At least your bald patch will never get a sunburn.

4. Never Swim Or Play Sports Ever Again

We’ve touched on swimming. But here’s the major point.

Whether you’re rocking your hat, your comb-over or have tons of product on your head, you can’t take the risk of swimming. Or playing sports of any kind. What if your hat blew off? Gel + sweat or water = a failed hairstyle.

Boating would probably be a bad idea too. It gets pretty windy.

But that’s okay. Outdoor activities and “fun” isn’t a human requirement, is it? Easy sacrifice to keep your bald patch a secret. But don’t fear. There are other, better ways to hide your baldness.

Just keep reading. The best is yet to come.

5. Spray Your Bald Patch

Here’s a novel idea. Spray your bald patch the same colour as your hair. No one will notice! Unless they get too close. So do keep your distance.

And here you get to constantly wonder if people will eventually notice. And laugh. Maybe talk behind your back… point…

People sure are insensitive.

But that’s okay. At least you can go swimming or boating again. As long as whatever you spray your head with is waterproof.

6. Glue Synthetic Pieces Of Hair To Your Head

You can also get “real human hair” from some undisclosed part of the world.

I mean, it’s been washed. So it’s clean, right? And it’s not weird at all to be “wearing” someone else’s hair.

The important thing to keep in mind here is to not make sure you use a strong glue. And make sure it’s non-corrosive. Or the scars might stick around longer than your glued-on hair.

Still, this is probably one of the best ways to hide your hair loss. Not yet better than Number 10, but good enough.

Just don’t miss any spots. And even if you don’t, hope that the glue doesn’t come unstuck unexpectedly one day. Because… someone might notice.

7. Spend Lots Of Money On Thickening Shampoos

You’ve seen the ads. Thickening shampoos work. Before and after photos don’t lie. They wouldn’t.

The only drawback here is there’s no guarantee on the product. You know, you could try it. But if it doesn’t work for you, thanks for your money anyway.

You’re essentially paying for hope here. Not results. Results may come along. Eventually. Possibly.

But hey, either way, they make their money.

8. Hair Transplants

Ever wondered why so many of the A-list actors never go bald?


But… there’s a slight drawback here. If you don’t earn an actor’s salary, you may have a hard time paying for these. They’re expensive.

You have options though.

Option 1 would be to spend your life savings on hair transplants. Because it’s totally worth it, just to hide the fact you’re going bald. To hide the fact a perfectly natural thing is happening to you. Untimely, perhaps, but natural.

Option 2 would be to get the cheap transplants. The ones that are meant to just hide your bald spot. Nice and thin.

I mean, “thinning” is better than “balding”, right? Maybe throw some thickening shampoo onto those transplants… you never know.

9. Spend Time, Money And Effort

This point, in a way, summarises all that’s come before it.

But it’s a point in itself.

Spend hours in front of a mirror, with hair products you spent hundreds on, getting your hair “just right” every day.

Then no one could possibly notice. If you put in the time, effort and money required to hide your bald spot, hide it you will.

Just be wary of the weather. It wants people to know about your baldness. You could say it’s an… “advocate of baldness awareness”.

It’ll have the wind blow just right to ruffle your hair. Or cause a sudden downpour, ruining your perfect hairstyle.

But if you can stay inside for the rest of your life that won’t matter. Mother nature can’t get you there.

Maybe become a recluse. That’s the best way to hide your bald spot. If you never see other people, no one can ever notice your bald spot.

And you save time and money hiding it!

10. Shave Your Head & Join The Company

“What??” I hear you ask. You’re probably thinking that’s crazy… and scary.

But think about it – if you have hair one day and it’s gone the next, people don’t actually care. The only person that cares is you. Most people will think you’ve just made a personal choice.

Sure, you may draw a surprised look or two. But those will quickly fade away into acceptance.

In many cases, if you get onto it early enough, people won’t know you’re going bald. And it’ll affect you far less.

I jest. But this is a very valid solution. Once you realise that hair doesn’t make a man or make you attractive… that hair actually counts for very little in life – then you’ll embrace your baldness.

Should You Even Try To Hide Your Hair Loss?

No! At The Bald Company we embrace bald. It’s a perfectly natural thing in most people’s lives.

Sure, it sucks. It’s not ideal. You’d have preferred a full head of gorgeous locks until your dying day.

But shit happens. And we’ve got to deal with it.

And here’s where we can help. Myself and many other members of The Company started losing hair at a young age. And for me, it was terrible. I felt worthless. My self-confidence took a huge hit. “Why me?” I asked.

But you know what, life’s journey, and I soon realised it was actually a blessing.

“Easy for you to say” you may be thinking now. And no, it’s not. I’ve been where you are and so has everybody else at The Company. I’ve been through these feelings. I’ve had my dark days.

And I got through them. So did everyone at The Company.

In fact, I’d like to challenge you. Come with us on a journey. A journey to peace of mind. To restored self-confidence. To be the man you’re meant to be – without that hair you don’t actually need.

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