Beard Maintenance 101

beard maintenance 101 - How To Maintain Your facial hair

So – you’re bald and you’ve grown a beard. Awesome – and welcome to the party! 

If you’ve just started out and are looking for inspiration, check out the best beard for bald guys in 2021. But whether you’re new to the beard game or a seasoned veteran, some rules are the same: Thou Shall Care For Your Beard.

Let’s face it: A beard is awesome. It provides endless opportunities to modify your look and achieve the style you’re after. But just like a big, awesome, well-kept beard is admired, nobody wants to see the hairy weed your face will grow if you just let it sprout. 

So how do you keep your beard awesome? Here’s beard maintenance 101. 

Trimming your beard

The first one seems obvious – but looking at some dudes out there, it isn’t. 

Unless you’re going for a hell-or-high-water Full Beard with no regard for collateral damage, you need to trim. Beard hair rarely grows 100% evenly, and a bunch of flimsy outliers sticking out of your face will make your beard look unruly in no time.

Think about what you want to grow. Observe how your beard grows. Trim outliers, and – assuming you do have a plan – start getting your beard into the shape you’re ultimately going for. 

How often should I trim my beard? 



Shaving your beard

Yes – shave. Even though you are growing a beard, you need to shave

Any style except a Full Beard requires shaving (and even a Full Beard looks better when you shave your neck below your Adam’s apple until your beard reaches this low). 

Wolverine can do it – but then again, Wolverine can do many things the rest of us can’t. On most of us, having a stubble in areas that our beard style defines as clean-shaven looks unkempt. 

In most cases, you’ll want to keep a neat cheek line. The same goes for the neckline – keep it neat and high, don’t be the guy with the Neck Beard. Clean, strong lines accentuate the contrast of your beard and highlight the style you’re going for.  

How often should I shave?

Daily (ideally). 

Brushing your beard

Hair grows out of follicles. It then goes through different stages of growth and eventually ends up in what’s called the Exogen Phase (aka the Shedding Phase). That’s when the follicle lets go of the hair and makes space for a new one. On average, humans lose between 30 and 150 hairs per day. 

Don’t be the guy who goes around leaving a trail of dead beard hair. Or, worse, the guy who carries parts of yesterday’s lunch in his beard. By brushing daily, you remove anything from your beard that does not belong there (anymore), keep the hair smooth, and stimulate the skin underneath. 

How often should I brush my heard?


Oiling your beard

Your beard needs nourishment – and equally important, so does the skin underneath. You should be using beard oil daily, it’s a must for any serious beard wearer. 

Oil helps nourish the hair and keep it smooth, which will make your beard look neater. 

A good Beard Oil also supplements the natural oil production of your skin: Newly covered by a ton of hair, your skin is likely working overtime to keep the oil production up. If it can’t, you’ll start itching and shedding beardruff. Trust us – you don’t want that. 

The rule of thumb is a drop per cm of length (5 drops per inch). Massage it into your beard and onto the skin right after brushing – it’ll make a world of difference. 

How often should I use beard oil?


beard oils best of 2021

Washing your beard

Just like you did when you had hair on top of your head, you need to wash your beard. How often, though, depends on the length. 

If your beard is short (say less than an inch), you can wash it daily if you want to. Not required, but it won’t do much damage because you’ll trim it often enough for potentially damaged hair to be replaced with new hair. 

If your beard is longer, however, you should lengthen the interval. Wash it with water, yes, but don’t overdo it with shampoo: It may dry your hair, and make it hard to maintain a healthy-looking beard. You can (and should) counteract this with regular oiling, but still – be cautious. 

Whatever you do, you’re best served with a special Beard Shampoo. Typically containing oils of some sort (common examples are jojoba, coconut, and olive oil), they prevent drying out your hair and supplement the natural oil production of your skin. As always, opt for all-natural and stay away from too many chemicals wherever you can. 

How often should I wash my beard?

From daily to weekly, depending on length.


Your beard needs daily care. This prevents you from feeling itchy, shedding beardruff, and looking like a homo sapiens.

Keep it neat by trimming the hair and shaving the lines. Keep it healthy with daily brushing and oiling. Wash as required to keep clean, but be mindful of chemical-based shampoos if you have a long beard, as they may dry out your hair.

It’s a great ROI: Invest a few minutes every day and enjoy the admiring glances of women and jealous looks of other guys all day long. 

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