Beard Styles For Bald & Shaved Heads

Best Bald Beard Styles

In 2021, the various bald beard styles has reached an all-time high in popularity and has become socially acceptable in most environments. And while a beard is a nice-to-have accessory for any guy with a full head of hair, it becomes a much more significant asset for anyone opting to rock a shaved head.

With dozens of bald and bearded styles to pick from, how do you make sure you pick a beard that actually makes you look awesome and potentially more attractive? 

Luckily, it’s not rocket science, and if you know what to look for, the choice becomes simple.  Let’s dive in!

Bald & Bearded Basics

When you’re setting out to grow a beard, it’s good to understand the basics. 

First of all, no two beards are the same. The speed of growth, thickness, color, and density of your beard depends on many factors: Age, ethnicity, genetics… there is no one-rule-fits-all when it comes to beards.

On average, facial hair grows at a rate of 0.2” – 0.7” (5 – 18mm) per month or 0.05” – 0.17” (1.2 – 4.3mm) per week. Now, if you’re 18 and struggle to grow a solid beard, don’t worry: Many guys don’t achieve peak growth until they’re in their thirties. 

Ethnicity Matters

Statistically speaking, guys of Asian ethnicity struggle to grow big beards, while men from the Mediterranean region tend to grow the thickest beards around. Having said that – there are plenty of examples to contradict both statistics, so don’t stress about that part too much. 

Genetics Play a Big Part in Beards

If no males in your family have been able to grow a solid beard, chances are that might affect you too. If every single male in your extended family rocks a solid full beard, on the other hand, chances are you won’t struggle to grow one either. 

Generally speaking, it’s impossible to accurately predict if you’ll be able to grow a beard – so just give it a go! Stop shaving for 4-6 weeks and take it from there.  

What To Consider When Growing a Beard

There are two things to consider when deciding on the type of bald and bearded look you want to grow. 

The first one is the thickness and consistency of your beard growth. If your beard is thick and full, you got nothing to worry about. However, if your beard tends to be patchy and grow somewhat irregularly, there are certain styles that will look better on you: Either go for what’s commonly known as a Scruffy Beard, which by definition is somewhat uneven and rough or opt for a style that is shaven where your beard does not grow well. That could be a Goatee if your cheeks are patchy, or a Balbo Beard if you struggle to grow the connection between mustache and beard. 

Goatee Scruffy Balbo beards styles for bald men  

The second and arguably more important one is the shape of your head. As you have probably realized by now, the shape of your bald or shaved head plays a bigger role when the top is not covered by hair anymore. The “bare” outline of your shaved head being exposed, the kind of beard you aim for will directly define the shape you’ll end up with. 

For simplicity’s sake, we’ll stick to four basic head shapes: Square, Round, Oval/Oblong and Triangle. Unless you’re ET, you’ll fit into one of these categories. 


Bearded Bald Styles For Square Heads

Square heads can look badass, but sometimes almost a bit too much so, especially when naked. Try these styles to take some of the edge off, or provide a bit of a welcome contrast. 

The Balbo Beard is not often seen nowadays, but provides a welcome bit of softness to a square head without taking away any of the manliness. Part of the family of Inverted T Beards, it should take you about 4-6 weeks to grow properly and requires daily shaving to maintain the contrast. 


Bearded Bald Styles For Round Heads

If your head is round, a bit of contrast to an otherwise smooth outline can look awesome. 

Try a Goatee: Relatively quick to grow and easy to maintain, it provides a great entryway into the awesome world of beards. It won’t significantly change your head shape, but it’ll provide enough spice to make a difference. There are two to choose from: The Pure Goatee is simply a small chin beard, with no mustache and a shaved jawline. The Full Goatee includes a mustache, and is sometimes also called a Circle Beard. 


Another good choice for the bald man is the
Ducktail Beard: Ending in a tip at the bottom, it both adds volume and removes some of that roundness from your face – if that’s what you’re after. Usually kept short-is, it takes a bit longer to grow and also needs more daily love, but it’s certainly worth a try. 


If you want to keep – and even underline – your square shape, try the Short Boxed Beard: About half an inch long, this beauty covers most of the face while featuring sharp, well-groomed cheek- and neck lines. It looks badass on square bald heads, and adds a bit of punch without removing any of the basic shape. 


Bearded Bald Styles For Oval or Oblong Heads

Not too round or too boxy – if you’re in this bald head category, give these a try.

The Extended Goatee is basically a thick full beard without the sideburns. It works really well to add some welcome volume to the chin without doing the same to the cheeks, keeping the mid-section of your head slim. 


Feeling ballsy? Try the
Imperial Beard. Almost the opposite of the above, it’s a full beard with a clean-shaven chin. Not often seen anymore, but it’s certain to leave quite the impression when pulled off right. And if any bald head shape can pull it off, it’s yours.


Most head shapes will suit a Circle Beard but oval or round head shapes may pull it off best. You can either rock this look as a literal circle around your mouth with a neat and slim line, or fill the circle in with a full coverage on your chin like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has here (bottom right). We’re seeing more and more of this style of beard and don’t see its popularity declining any time soon.

Bearded & Bald Styles For Triangle-Shaped Heads

The top of your head is wider than your jaw? This is you then. 

If your goal is to subdue the triangle effect of your bald head, give the Corporate Beard a try. Called that because it’s by now fully accepted in all but the most traditional corporate circles, it covers your entire face with medium-length hair and needs to be maintained well. Does wonders to hide a pointy chin, too. 


Proud of your bald head shape, and want to accentuate it? Go for a
Van Dyke Beard. In essence a Full Goatee with a gap between the mustache and beard, it’s often kept pointy at the bottom. Also, it’s ideal for a bit of mustache creativity such as handlebars, if that’s your kind of thing. 



Can’t decide but want a beard really bad? Just go for the traditional Full Beard. It takes a while to grow, but once you’re there it’s relatively easy to maintain and adds character to anyone. It works with most head shapes, too – but it will add some volume. So if your head is supersized already, you might want to steer clear of this one. 



A beard can do magic to add a bit of punch to your bald head, especially if you feel somewhat naked. It’s a great way to experiment with your bald look, and definitely trendy in 2021. Consider your head shape for the choice of your beard: With any head shape, you can usually either mitigate or accentuate the natural outline. Furthermore, keep thickness and consistency in mind: If your beard is patchy, aim for a style that’s clean-shaven where you can’t grow hair evenly. 

So go ahead – stop shaving for a few weeks and then start experimenting. Ask for feedback, observe reactions, and stay with the winner. Once you’ve found the perfect beard for that beautiful bald head of yours, you’ll never go back.

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