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Bald Loser or Winner… Which One Are You?

Bald Winner or Bald Loser?

So you’ve decided to start losing your hair. Just kidding, no-one decides to lose their hair. The realization that you are losing your hair can happen when you’re a teenager or it can happen much later in life, but whenever it happens, your world briefly stops and it is downright terrifying.

Traditionally, going bald is traumatic. Going bald can turn your life upside down.  Going bald can completely smash your perceptions of yourself and how you want to be perceived by others. I say traditionally because what we do at The Bald Company is completely turn those fears on their head.

Your fear is normal, your anxiety is normal and every bit of angst you have towards losing your hair is normal. These are powerful emotions that can be used for good or used for bad.

So when looking at whether you’re a bald loser or bald winner there are a number of things that you need to consider.

Firstly, being a bald loser actually has nothing to do with being bald, you might have just realized that your hair is starting to thin or you may not have lost a single hair on your head, everyone has the ability to be a bald loser.

In fact, most of the time, people with a full head of hair end up being the biggest bald losers of them all. The same applies to being a bald winner.

Everyone has the ability to be a bald winner but it takes the right kind of mindset and it requires work. We’re dedicated to helping people with the work required to become a bald winner and we’ve created a very simple roadmap that people can follow to make sure they’re bald winners and get the most out of life.

Our roadmap is outlined in our book “Losing To Win” and is designed for anyone suffering with hair loss or who knows someone suffering with hair loss. There are specific behaviours and pitfalls that need to be avoided by anyone exposed to hair loss and in a world that would prefer to ridicule people who are struggling, it is our sole purpose to change the nature of the conversation when it comes to losing your hair and giving people the strength to beat it forever.

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