Are Women Worried About ‘The Bald Gene’?


It’s one of those things that doesn’t come up in conversation on that first date.

In fact, it often doesn’t even come up when you’re happily married and discussing the possibility of kids together.

But it’s something all bald men have thought about at some point in their lives: passing on the gene. So, are women worried about the same thing? Would it stop them from dating a bald man?

First, we need to separate the fact from fiction when it comes to that ever-present bald gene.

What Is Male Pattern Baldness?

There’s often so much focus on male pattern baldness, that many people ignore the female equivalent: female pattern baldness.

The hair loss experienced will differ, but there’s one thing that remains the same for both parties: they both have a common genetic cause.

For male pattern baldness, the hair loss usually starts at the top and front of the head.

With female pattern baldness, the hair loss appears as thinning on the top and crown of the head. The front of their hairline is often unaffected.

This begs the question: are the males responsible for passing on this gene?



Who Passes on The Gene?

Believe it or not, it has traditionally been thought that the mother’s father is the one who passes on their luscious locks (or lack thereof). But now, thanks to science, we know a little better.

Truth is, about half of all adults will lose some hair by the time they’re 40. It’s one of those fun side effects that comes with aging.

It’s natural for hair to fall out every two to three years. It is then replaced with new hair. However, when baldness occurs, this process stops happening. Or the hair that grows back is very thin. 

There are a number of different genes that dictate what our hair looks like, which is why we can’t just blame one person for it. This gets both you and your other half off the hook. Look at it this way – if your son does go bald, you’re both to blame. It was well and truly a joint effort.

Is this even something we should be worrying about before having kids?

Not at all – there are much more important things to focus our attention on.

While it would be nice to be able to spare our kids from certain traits of ours, that’s not how genetics work. While there might be some people out there who are shallow enough to only date people they consider have superior genes for reproducing, you can trust us that these people are far and few between.

You date someone because you like them and are attracted to them. You marry them because you love them. You have kids with them because you want to raise a family together. Baldness doesn’t have a place in this.


Do Women Care?

In short, no they don’t. The type of women who date bald men, are the type of women who understand just how much baldness can be rocked by the right person. 

If you’re smart, funny, confident and sure of yourself, then a lack of hair on your head isn’t going to change a thing.

And once that woman falls head over heels for you, the last thing on her mind is passing on that bald gene to your children.

Plus, we now know she contributes to it!

Bald Gene Hereditary

But, here’s a word of advice: this probably isn’t something you should bring up on your first date (or any if we’re being honest). It’s not a good starting point for any relationship to be pointing the finger and sharing that she is equally responsible for passing the bald gene on to your potential children.

See how that sounds?

Probably best left alone, but don’t worry, we do have some tips to help you out.

Does Your Woman Embrace Baldness?

Let’s put her to the test and work out exactly how she feels about the bald gene and passing on the bald gene to a future child.

Here’s some ways you can go about it:

Go Out & Buy a Wig

Yep you read that right! No, it doesn’t have to be a professional one. Just anything from a cheap variety shop will work well for this experiment. Pop it on next time sex is on the cards and wait for her reaction. If she grows attached to the wig and can’t help but run her fingers through it, you may have a closet hair lover on your hands. But if she throws it across the room and chooses instead to rub your bald head, you know you’re onto something good!

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

It’s time to get out those old photos you love flicking back through. You know the ones we’re talking about: when you rocked a full of luscious hair that you used to moan about when it had to be cut. Oh, those were the days. You may not have been with your current women when you had hair like this, or it might have been so many years ago that she has forgotten. Time to show her how the baldness happens. It starts off with hair! It’s the perfect chance to have a conversation about future kids who might all start off with hair and lose it down the track too.

Slip Up in Conversation

While you can’t outright tell your lady she contributes to the baldness gene, that doesn’t mean you can’t conveniently slip it into a conversation. Next time kids come onto the cards, steer the conversation towards genetics and ‘weird’ things that can be passed down. It’s all about creating that perfect opportunity to let her know your baldness isn’t the deciding factor when it comes to your kids. If she has an issue with this fact, then it’s safe to say she might have an issue with the idea of a bald son!

Pros of Procreating With A Balding Man

Now that you’ve sussed out exactly how she feels about bald men and the possibility of a bald child, it’s time to throw in the benefits that you bring to the table.

First of all, we know that baldness doesn’t just come from you.

This takes a little pressure off in the equation.

Now’s the time to sell yourself.

As a bald man yourself, you know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to slowly down baldness. You’ve tried it all! You also know how to rock a bald head with confidence.

If you do happen to have a bald son one day, you’ll have so much to pass down and teach him that your better half will never have to worry. He’ll be set up with support from the start. What could be better than that.


So, Do Women Care?

No, the answer is no. They simply don’t. A woman wouldn’t be dating you and discussing future children with you if she did.

All that’s on her mind is the endless nights of feeding, burping and settling a newborn baby and whether or not your bald head is going to help out.

The rest, will work itself out along the way.

Embrace the baldness – because she already does.With

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