Lesson One


Welcome to The Bald Company. In this chapter, we share with you what you’ll take away from the Losing To Win MasterClass, and why we’re excited for you to start your journey.

Lesson Two

Dealing With Your Fears

Denial… wait, we mean… acceptance. In this critical lesson we explore the dangers of not finding acceptance and what’s really holding you back from overcoming your fears.

Lesson Three

Back To Basics + A Bald Secret

How you respond to losing your hair will have a huge affect on the rest of your life. The Bald Company shows how to take the first steps in the right direction and reveals a very important bald secret.

Lesson Four

What Not To Do

Have you considered your options? Every member of The Bald Company has wasted time and money trying to fight a losing battle. Learn to avoid the desperate mistakes made by many of those gone before you.

Lesson Five

The Controllables

When you’re losing your hair it can often feel your world is spiralling out of control. In this lesson we realign your headspace to what really matters and set up for transformation success.

Lesson Six

Hair or Lack Thereof

Here we explore hair styles for the bald man… yes that’s right…  but this lesson is more of an exercise in what to avoid in the hairstyle department. 

Lesson Seven

The Bald Man’s Body

One of the key foundations for any bald winner. Fitness is no longer an option for you, get inspired to be the fittest and healthiest version of yourself.

Lesson Eight

Fashion & Grooming

This is not queer eye for the straight guy but don’t miss these obvious but important details. How you address these two critical controllable’s will greatly effect your transition from bald loser to bald winner.  

Lesson Nine

Bald Men Attract

Bald men are not unattractive, it’s the denial and desperation that’s unattractive. Learn why and how your bald head is now your greatest weapon with attracting the opposite sex. 

Lesson Ten

Final Thoughts

The Bald Company leaves you with the most important takeaways from the Losing To Win MasterClass. We’ve given you the secrets. Now it’s time to put them to work.