Lessons From The Day Britney Ran Out Of F*cks (Flashback)

The Bald Company
Britney spears bald hair clippers

It’s over 14 years since the day Britney Spears stormed into a hairdresser, grabbed the nearest pair of clippers and went to town on her money-making locks. At the time, the tabloids screamed ‘breakdown’ and that she had finally lost the plot. However, since then, more details have emerged about the trigger and the underlying factors behind ‘why’.
Long story short – she’d unsuccessfully tried to visit her kids at the ex’s house (Kevin Federline – remember him? Fuck me. just hearing that name again made me feel old) and decided that the best course of action afterwards was to lead the paparazzi on a merry dance to the nearest salon for an impromptu buzzcut.
Image has been everything to those in control of the Spears ‘brand’. When you’re in this game, as glamorous as it looks, it is highly structured, strict and rigid. Your wants and needs rarely, if ever, get a look in. Don’t forget, Britney had been performing from a very young age.
In context, it’s almost impossible to see this as a cry for help. It’s more like an act of defiance and her way of screaming ‘I’m sick of other people controlling me, my life and my future.’
And there it is. Control. She didn’t just want to piss them off. She wanted to feel what it was like to make a decision on her own – to be the captain of her own ship.
When you’re going bald, you’ll have countless companies in your ear telling you what to do to hide it, slow it or sew it back on. Taking a leaf out of Britney’s book is the sure-fire way take back control of your life and move on to a better future.  
Holy shit. Did Britney Spears just become the patron saint of The Bald Company?  
Maybe she did, friends. Maybe she did…

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