How Do I Get My Husband to Embrace His Baldness

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Help husband embrace baldness

So, your man is attached to his hair. Unfortunately, his hair is becoming less and less attached to him. There are a number of reasons why he’s desperately clutching at these remaining straws. It’s your life partnerly duty to step in and reassure him that biting the bullet and accepting what is naturally inevitable is the best way forward.

There are number of ways you can do this. We’ll let you be the judge of which way will work best on your man.

With Love

If you fell in love with him when he had hair, he might be worried that you’ll be less attracted to him without it. Reassure him that nothing could be further from the truth. Be open and honest and encouraging without being pushy. Ultimately, you want him to feel like this is his decision and you’re just supporting him – as you do with all things in his life that you approve of.

Pro tip: Buy him a nice pair of clippers if he doesn’t already own some.

With Tough Love

Sometimes blokes need to be told things in no uncertain terms. We don’t want to use the terms ‘mock’ or ‘ridicule’ but if you’ve got that kind of relationship, it might just be the best way forward. You can do it subtly, like suggest he puts sunscreen on his scalp on a sunny day. Or, if you want to be slightly blunter, just point at his head and laugh.

Pro tip: Bribery is also a form of tough love – especially if the bribery is an ultimatum. Ransom also fits into this category. Up to you.

With Love That Works in Mysterious Ways

Not a fan of confrontation, openness and honesty? That’s totally cool when it comes to broaching this sensitive subject. Here are a few Machiavellian ways in that might be less direct, but potentially just as effective.

Give him frequent superficial compliments about everything but his hair to make him feel sexy in ways that don’t relate to his ‘do’.

  • Invite couples for dinner that include one openly bald male to normalise baldness.
  • Invite couples for dinner that include one openly bald male to normalise baldness.
  • Plan for the future with him to make him feel safe and secure.
  • Set a short-term goal together – like a savings goal or weight loss to teach him about sacrifice and reward for effort.

Ultimately, he’s not going to accept his impending baldness until he’s ready to. You can try to expedite the process any way you like, but at the end of the day it’s his hair.

Well, what’s left of it is anyway.

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