Frequently Asked Questions

  1. As soon as you are doing one thing to try and convince yourself or the people around you that you are NOT losing your hair.

  2. Our solution is the only one that works……we don’t sell temporary cures or ways for you to prolong your hair loss misery. We equip you with the knowledge to overcome hair loss forever. We teach you how to be a better man.

  3. Yes. This book will extinguish the fears you have about losing your hair even if that moment is years away. Take away your fear by understanding better what scares you most.

  4. Because realizing that you’re losing your hair, regardless of your age, can be one of the most traumatic experiences that people deal with and they often struggle in silence. We started The Bald Company to push back on all the lies people are told about losing their hair and provide people with strategies to beat hair loss forever. This is a brotherhood for everyone losing their hair. We will make you feel powerful again.

  5. The Bald Company was started by a tight knit group of friends who all struggled with hair loss in their own unique and painful ways, until, they got sick of it. Too much struggling forced them to come up with a solution to the problem that plagues the lives of so many men.

  6. Because people don’t appreciate things they don’t invest in. With some skin in the game you are going to be far more motivated to change your life for the better.

  7. The Bald Company is everywhere, it is in your car, under your bed, crossing the street and always in recruitment mode.

  8. Yes, but not without passing the test outlined in our e-book “Losing to Win”. Joining the company takes a particular type of heroics but anyone is capable of it.
  9. Send us an email and understand our philosophies inside out.

  10. No. That’s something that people with hair say to the hair-loss-tribe to try and make them feel better. You don’t want or need their charity remarks and we’ll teach you why.

  11. The Bald Company is a support mecca for people dealing with hair loss, contact us any way you want and we will help.