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I’d been struggling with hair loss for years when I read “Losing to Win” and it spoke really openly and honestly to everything I was feeling at the time. I started to reflect on all of the things that I was doing to prevent people noticing that I was losing my hair and I started to make much better decisions with my time. Joining the Company allowed me to be confident again and start to laugh about everything that caused me stress.

David B Investment Banker & Company Member

I was given “Losing to Win” as a gift from a friend which at the time actually made me upset because I was convinced that I was doing a good job of covering up the fact I was losing my hair. As soon as I started to read it, I realized just how normal it was for me to be feeling everything that I was, it was such a relief.

Nick D Photographer & Company Member

This book changed my life. I was so depressed about losing my hair and I had explored all of my options. My self-esteem was completely shot and all of a sudden I felt part of a community instead of being in such a lonely place.

Michael G Sales Director & Company Member

I’m embarrased to admit now how insecure I was about losing my hair because it all feels like such a distant memory even though I only read this book about 12 months ago. I don’t feel the fear about losing my hair that I used to and it’s allowed me to actually focus on what I want.

Johnny R Builder & Company Member

I recommend this book to anyone who is losing their hair. It is so different to all the other crap out there about hair loss and it will really help you.

Rajat G Policeman & Company Member


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